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This turned up on my Facebook newsfeed today, any idea as to its credibility? It appears like Facebook "share spam" yet I'm curious if there's any type of element of fact.

" The Morton County Sherriff's Department has been using Facebook check-ins to find out that goes to Randing Stock in order to target them in attempts to disrupt the petition camps. So, Water Protectors are getting in touch with EVERYONE to sign in at Standing Rock, ND to overwhelm as well as confuse them. This is concrete action that could secure individuals putting their bodies as well as healths on the line that we can do without leaving our residences.

Will you join me in Standing Rock?

If you're sharing your area at Randing Stock (which you need to be doing).

1) make it public.

2) make the clarification post different, therefore that just your friends can see it.

3) don't clarify on your check in, message pals who claim "remain safe!" to allow them recognize just what's up-- the stay safe blog posts are much more persuading/ puzzling for p * louse.

4) duplicate paste to share clarification messages (such as this one) due to the fact that making it public impacts our cover.

5) state "Randing Stock" in explanation posts so that when they remove/ browse those terms, your message shows up to the right people".


I saw this and also I'm a little confused by why this would aid disrupt police action. My theory is that this is a message meant for people actually there opposing not the Facebook community at large. Protestors are possibly publishing at one-of-a-kind places/ tribe premises they reach. Instead of doing that, this message is for them, telling them to maintain their place general. Including the Facebook mass is just an included touch to reveal support for the action against DPL.

a viral Facebook status meme began circulating, claiming that the Morton County Sheriff's Department was making use of Facebook check-ins to target and also disrupt prayer camps at Standing Rock protests.ORIGIN: On 31 October 2016,.

The report involved a two-part status upgrade, together with a message that the actions explained would certainly "puzzle" or "bewilder" police officers in their purported efforts to target individual demonstrators:.

The message prompted all Facebook users to sign in at Standing Rock (no matter where worldwide they in fact were) and make the post public, then to add a friends-locked second message clarifying their prior message and also motivating others to do the exact same. Users were better urged to use "Randing Stock" as the "alternative name" in later versions of the report, in order to ensure their post was "visible to the right people.".

The claim was based on the concept that the Morton County Sheriff's Department was making use of Facebook to target as well as gather intelligence on details protesters at Standing Rock.

The rumor had lots of elements: that authorities were utilizing Facebook check-ins as a knowledge device, that their doing so was beneficial to police operations at Standing Rock, that flooding social media sites with check-ins would certainly disrupt authorities task, that participating in the action was useful to the militants, which it was feasible to stealthily keep the sham.

Underneath the claim was a genuine issue with the message, that individuals absolutely desiring to aid the protesters can do so just by checking in rather than sending funds or supplies to sustain their initiatives. Its spread didn't make up the opportunity that demonstration organizers could have likewise been combated by the Facebook updates.

The largest question was whether the base case held true-- did monitoring in at Standing Rock truly work to confound the Morton County Sheriff's Departments attempts to target as well as surveil demonstrators?

We contacted the division about the report, and an officer discussed not only that they were not utilizing Facebook check-ins as a gauge of anything, but that the metric presented no knowledge value to them. The rumor recommended that militants pointed out Facebook check-ins as a manner where police could target them, however check-ins were voluntary-- and if authorities were using geolocation tools based on smart phones, remote check-ins would certainly not puzzle or overwhelm them. In an e-mail reaction, a separate officer specified.

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